When Tim’s Away

November 11, 2014 by Nama

Trusting my only Big Brother will have the best birthday so far in his 53 years. Happy Birthday Jon, it is an honor to do this thing called life with a man such as you.


We baked our first Christmas Cookies last night, which was 1. Fun, 2.Sad, because it was our Kaydra’s idea and by the time we got around to it she, being a 4:30 am barista, was so exhausted she had no fun. 3. Proof that Blessing and Cody together with utensils and flour are trouble…always!! 4. Pretty much perfect timing since it did This…. Continue reading


Run to Your Jesus and be Nice to Your Man

October 20, 2014 by Nama

Marriage by His design is my second deepest heart passion.

To know and love my Saviour, prayerfully pointing others to HIS worthiness is number one.

i come from a home that suffered the hell of divorce twice; i watched my mamma persevere through two marriages that brought unfaithfulness and betrayal as she parented 9 children, primarily alone. Having watched my mom’s heartbreak I headed towards adulthood pleading with my Lord for a marriage that would last, a marriage that would cause others to praise our worthy Lord and Saviour. Continue reading

Bringing Baby Home…Which state is Nama Flying to?

October 17, 2014 by Nama

i had the privilege of just buying a one way plane ticket to travel to share the excitement of bringing our 6th Grandbaby home.

Christmas-Pajamas-Grandbaby-santa//namafish.comI also bought 7 pair of Christmas Jammies because we will have a little tiny 6th Grandbaby joining our already 5 and Aunty Blessing by Christmas.

For all of you following along on our adventure, this little one holds more secrets and surprises because of the very special way this tiny gift is coming to our family.  Travis and Melissa are very thoughtfully sharing the details they feel free to share about their newest baby as they feel it is appropriate, they have decided that we get to know what state their little one will be coming home from.

Now all of you can get in on the fun and excitement of getting to know our 6th little Jewel, Travis and Melissa’s 3rd child. Continue reading

Blessed times SIX

October 4, 2014 by Nama

We will have our 6th Grandbaby by Christmas 2014.

12 days ago our Facetime dial rang. We answered to find two of the cutest little cutes bouncing about the screen with _______ Balloons screaming…

“We are getting a baby!!!!”

Will this tiny one arriving sometime in December add to this little Duet

baby //Namafish.com

Or will these three add to their pack and pull way ahead of those cute little twins

baby //Namafish.comWe are not telling because surprises are so much more fun!!

Please check our kids official “There is a baby on the way !” announcement.

It is sweet, funny, honest, humble and they dance…..that alone should be all the reason you need to link over there and enjoy the 6 minute view with your morning coffee.


Marriage Monday~Contentment, Grace and Forgiveness

August 25, 2014 by Nama

Each day i see a bit more clearly that our marriage is the most important relationship in which I can be working out my Faith.

If my Lord has promised it or he has commanded it there is no more important place for me to practice it than in my relationship with Tim.

Philippians 4 is a favorite passage of mine, what does this passage look like in my marriage? Continue reading

This Week

August 21, 2014 by Nama

Blog Business…

Our  computer is locked up, word on the street is that the new daddy is bringing his little family out tonight to give it some attention.  Good news for two reasons, 1. The computer may feel better by tomorrow, 2. Our Finley will be bringing her new little Beau to visit Nama and Pappa’s for the very first time !! Bad news… I am blogging on the ipad, not effective, barely functional …be kind please.

More fun details… Continue reading