Commitment~Part 2 of Our Adoption Story

July 17, 2014 by Pappa with thoughts from Nama


Today we celebrate the gift of those gorgeous chocolate eyes.  9 years ago today we received our referral for N.Doumoundo B. Lamien.  We will share the very first images that arrived in our inbox of our 5th child and the miracle of Love that filled our hearts and home that day. Continue reading

Big Day

may 21, 2014

Happy Birthday to this amazing gift!IMG_0708

Our Blessing is 10 today. Each May 21st brings an avalanche of questions….is she really 10? How much did she weigh? Was she really born on the 21st? Was she really born in May? Was she vibrant and strong? Oh what i would give to see a squiggly newborn image of our Beauty.

In Him we Rest , He is writing Blessing’s story and it is beautiful with the details He has chosen to include.

We have a 10 year old and we have a Big day!!!!1238164_10103143007494667_8755854599589405550_n (2) We are headed to MSP airport to pick up these three. Image – our boy, who has to stay in California to pay the bills. 2:50pm, Sun Country=can not wait to hug Melissa, Kings and Rae.

IMG_3002We get to visit Legoland and have dinner with this big brother.IMG_0750We spent two hours making this crazy candy ball party game ~i’ll show you how later.IMG_0762Grandma Lovegreen and our Cody (actually Kaydra’s Cody) baked and decorated the cupcakes 
IMG_0761with a little help from this concentrator for Blessing’s Big party Thursday evening.

My Man wrote something i hope to share tomorrow and

Friday i hope to share lots of cuteness, celebration and thanksgiving for all of the Blessing we have been granted this week in this home.

Full Heart, Full schedule, need want Coffee!

Please have an amazing day loving those you have been blessed to invest in today.

For the record, our Blessing “styled”, on her own, the first image in this post. She asked for a photo shoot, and struck the pose all on her own. We also have this image of her from this week…IMG_0770

which comforts my Mamma heart and gives me hope for our teen years.


Dreadlocks in Pictures

may13,2014 by Nama

dreadlocs 1 June 2011We started Blessing’s Dreadlock journey in June of 2011. She was 7 years old, this is the last picture of her little Afro loaded up with conditioner right before we started braiding.Dreadlocs 2 june 2011

Very first Dreadlocks. July 2011.

Blessing’s dreadlocks could also be referred to as Braidlocks as we started them by braiding her hair. She had 248 tiny braids on her little head at this point. It took us 3 weeks to complete the process. We worked in 2 hour sessions, watched lots of Disney movies and had lots of tears. Blessing wanted the dreadlocks but it is a tough process for a busy little 7 year old.

Dreadlocs 3 August 2011

Fall 2011, 4 months of growth and newly locked.dreadlocs 6 fall 2011 (2)Fall 2011, you can see the “braid ” pattern in each lock if you look close. This picture was taken before we relocked them,  you can see the “outgrowth” at the top of each braid.dreadlocs 10 june 2012

Spring 2012, about one year of growth.Dreadlocs 9 June 2012

One year of growth. IMG_0552

Winter 2012, 18 months of growth and newly locked + a brand new little niece.IMG_0375

18 months of growth and locking + a brand new puppy.June 2013 (2)

July 2013 two years .June 2013 (1)Blessing’s hair is long enough for a pony tail. This is a BIG deal !! Two years.December 2013 (4)

Fall 2013, two and a half years of growth.December 2013 (3)December 2013 (2)

Two and a half years of growth and locking.IMG_0305

May 2014, almost 3 years of growth.IMG_0288

Blessing’s dreadlocks are almost 3 years old.IMG_0293Look at that ponytail . Almost 3 years of growth.

June 2013 (1)

 This picture is Blessing’s ponytail with 2 years of growth.


This picture is Blessing’s ponytail with 3 years of growth.

A challenge with Dreadlocks can be how to keep them clean and moisturized. Many products marketed for deadlocks will build up in the locks, this is not healthy for the hair or scalp.  Build up is not attractive.  We developed build up at about 18 months of growth . i was heart broken, i felt like we were failing and feared we may have to give up the dreadlock journey. After much research we found an amazing cleansing process and we have settled on using only coconut oil for moisturizing .

dreadlocs  11 June 2013 (5)

This picture shows the irregular color and white spots from the sad build-up. This was at 2 years into our journey.

IMG_0288 (2)

This picture shows the dreadlocks cleansed and using only coconut oil.


 Today they are healthy, clean, neat and beautiful !! Blessing and i are delighted to be mastering the dreadlock  journey.


Living the Tension of Racial Issues

May 9, 2014 by Nama


Experiencing and navigating the road of racial diversity in our safe little white, white, white world has been one of the biggest learning curves adoption has brought us. We are ever grateful for the opportunity to learn more about the joy and pain of diversity through the gift of our Blessing. The beauty of being a multi colored family is something we will likely write about often. We are at the very beginning of this curve, we are new, we are learning and we make mistakes. We look forward to a lifetime of refining and growth. We pray we are becoming the light of  racial harmony our Lord’s Word commands. Just two of the many questions we are asked that deserve discussion are; Do you believe racial issues still exist in our culture ? and Have you personally felt and experienced racial unkindness ?

330806-R1-05-5A (2)

For now i want to share the simplest and truest answer we have found for navigating the very real tensions of being a multi colored family. My intend is not to minimize the reality of racial tension in our culture or the very real and deep pain of our African American brothers and sisters. This is a tough, complex, messy, sensitive and emotionally charged issue. We have to start somewhere, this is the bedrock of truth that we return to in the twists, turns, questions and hurts that arise.

IMG_6525_edited-1 (2)

I Corinthians 13~The Love Chapter

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.


             “Some white people Hate black people, and some white people Love black people, Some black people Hate white people, and some black people Love white people. Some white people Hate white people, and some black people Hate black people.  So you see, it’s not an issue of black and white, it is not an issue of race, it’s an issue of Lovers and Haters.” ― Eden Ahbez

              From The Help

“Once upon a time they was two girls,” I say. “one girl had black skin, one girl had white.”

Mae Mobley look up at me. She listening.

“Little colored girl say to little white girl, ‘How come your skin be so pale?’ White girl say, ‘I don’t know. How come your skin be so black? What you think that mean?’

“But neither one a them little girls knew. So little white girl say, ‘Well, let’s see. You got hair, I got hair.'”I gives Mae Mobley a little tousle on her head.

“Little colored girl say ‘I got a nose, you got a nose.'”I gives her little snout a tweak. She got to reach up and do the same to me.

“Little white girl say, ‘I got toes, you got toes.’ And I do the little thing with her toes, but she can’t get to mine cause I got my white work shoes on.

“‘So we’s the same. Just a different color’, say that little colored girl. The little white girl she agreed and they was friends. The End.”  emphasis by Nama

Baby Girl just look at me. Law, that was a sorry story if I ever heard one. Wasn’t even no plot to it. But Mae Mobley, she smile and say, “Tell it again.”

― Kathryn Stockett, The Help


As we share our journey there may be terminology, references and stories relayed that do not fit your understanding of  racial harmony. We would love to answer questions and try to give understanding where that is possible.

We can assure you that our hearts, actions and words are rooted in the Love of our Lord and Saviour for All His Children, red, brown, yellow, black and white, for they are precious in his sight.

Galatians 3:26,28,

“In Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. . . There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

When our hearts were called to Liberia Africa ten years ago we suspected there may be some sweet little truth of racial harmony seen in the making of this new Fischer family. The tensions that arise and the message that is being written is much louder than we ever could have foreseen. We are honored to be a part of HIS story of healing and love.

Our world without our Blessing would be as wrong as a chocolate chip cookie without the sweet, rich dark morsels of deliciousness that makes it exactly what it was intended to be.


We pray and expect that the diversity of our family will continue to grow. We pray that it is all about His Love for His children. All glory and honor is His alone.


The Gift

may 10, 2014 by Nama


Sometime a gift is so much more than the package that is opened. Even when the contents of the box are perfect, the bigger GIFT may be completely unseen.

Our Blessing has struggled with disturbed sleep from moment one in my arms, sleeping on my chest, on a mat, on the floor in the orphanage in Africa.

We have worked hard to figure out what may help her settle and what might be our ticket to a full night’s rest. Tim and i typically need to sleep separately allowing one of us to rest for tomorrow while the other one nurtures our Blessing .

Several experts had mentioned a weighted blanket through the years. For about 18 months i have intended to do something about a blanket.



We have tried so many things, invested much time , energy and $$$  yet we remain sleepless in Wisconsin. i am skeptical, i am processing, i am cautious.

Weighted blankets are really expensive, we have grand-babies in California and plane tickets are really expensive. Choices. Priorities.

i could sew, but last night was exhausting and i can’t think clearly, let alone weigh beads.  i will work on that idea tomorrow …..18 months of tomorrows.

A friend mentioned an organization that donates weighted blankets to struggling children. i reasoned that we were not candidates for the service, after-all  i could sew, we “could” find the $ in our budget and our girl’s diagnosis’s fall on the mild side.

 i don’t like to need. i don’t like to be served. i am a fixer, i could would handle this. i sensed there was pride holding me back,

i chose to swallow hard and summit our Blessing’s request, within days sponsorship came in and our girl was gifted with a blanket.


We anticipated the arrival of the box. “Mamma, is my blanket coming today ? “


 The wait wasn’t long, it arrived ! Blessing was thrilled ~ pink and purple with sparkles !

 i held my breath doubtful that it would be the help we had been looking for. i was afraid to hope this bundle of beads and polyfiber may actually bring comfort and rest to our 8 years of restless nights.

i was sooooo wrong.


Easy, calm, sound and peaceful sleep for our girl.

The science is beyond me but the results of snuggling our Blessing under the 9 pounds of plastic pellets in this miracle blanket are indisputable.

 i have been waiting to share, fearful this good thing would come to an end. A month into this journey i am convinced the science and therapy behind weighted blankets is nothing short of genius. We are all resting better in our fish pond, but the real gift goes so much deeper. This process has gifted us with some treasures we were not even aware we lacked.

We found a community of others walking similar journeys to ours.

We realized we are less alone than it sometimes feels as an organization jumped at the chance to come along side us, as a young single mom gave of her time, energy and love to actually construct Blessing’s blanket and as unknown sponsors gave the cash needed to allow Blessing’s blanket to be given.


Our girl is happier~calmer~more focused~IMG_0449

more obedient~less impulsive~doing measurably better academically~IMG_0443

funnier~more cooperativeIMG_0442~having more fun and did i mention Happier !

We have been so blessed by this process we are looking for opportunities to pass the blessing on.  We have ordered supplies to try our hand at sewing a  cotton summer blanket for Blessing. We plan to assist a friend in sewing one for her little guy who also struggles with sleep.

To all those who were personally a part of this gift to us


We are blessed to be resting calmly under our plastic pellets, and when i say we, i mean WE because everyone in the house seems to find a little extra weight very comforting.

Final Post Note : i have wondered what would happen if i took the blanket away for a night. Over Mother’s Day we traveled to Grandma’s house and i forgot our 9 pounds of  magic. That mistake got us four and a half  hours of restless, fitful, anxious sleeplessness…for Blessing and for this tired old mamma. We Love our Blanket !!