Favorite Things

My heart is full to exploding, i tend to pull inside and savor when all is well and busy and full, i am more apt to ramble when my heart and mind is busy sorting and figuring.  Time will pass and the details of the stones of this miracle season in our home will be forgotten. Baby Coffee needs to know how amazing this season has been, how blessed Nama and Pappa are to be on the outside looking in on His miraculous work in redeeming much that was broken.

On this Monday, here are some of my favorite things from the past weeks:

1. This generous and loving birthday wish from my man on my Thanksgiving Birthday. 

Timothy Fischer

November 27 at 12:49am ·

Today is MaryKaye Elizabeth Speckeen Fischer‘s birthday. Please let her know what she has meant to you if she has touched your life in some way. Here my stab at it . . .Today Mary Kaye is ** (one year older). When we met circa 1980 and I decided to pursue her (kinda like the zebra pursues the lioness) I really had no idea who she really was. Even as we were engaged and married, I think to some extent we went forward blindly, neither of us knowing what we were in for. I knew there was a “spark” in those brown eyes, but had no idea what that was going to mean for the rest of my life. Well, as these 33+ years have unfolded, I have come to realize that I had hit the proverbial marital jackpot. I married a beauty, a loyal mate, a tenacious mother, a Godly women, a devoted friend to many, a great cook, a spend-thrift, a forgiver, a talented women in many areas, a gifted planner, party-puller-offer extraordinaire, one who makes Christ the center of all things, one who is willing to do the hard thing because it’s the right thing, one who knows good will come from adversity, one who does not fear the difficult, one who will not settle for mediocre in herself or in those close to her (in a loving way), one who loves her children’s children and their spouses with an unwavering intensity – I could go on. She often explains an expense in our bank account or a commitment on our calendar as “Tim, we need to love them.” And Love them Well she does. I know most of you who read this have been a recipient of that love in some way. I am Blessed that she has blessed others. That spark in her eyes that I saw all those years ago was a passionate flame that has warmed my life in so many ways for so many years. Happy Birthday K-T, I love you – as much as any introvert could ever love a type A.

i have been given 52 Blessed years, 34 of them spent with My Man. 28 as a Mamma and almost 4 as a Nama.

Another wrinkle, another name forgotten,another aching joint, another day to love and serve and worship, when the wrinkles stop coming, the loss is gain.

Rich !!

Blessed !!

Hope and Promise!!

Phillipians 1:21

21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.


2.  THIS….

adopt-give-love-baby //namafish.com Friends, strangers, multiple time givers, huge #’s, the widow’s mite, changed hearts, humbled spirits, one little girl, family, above and beyond, overflowing. Love, adoption, community. Abundantly beyond words of Thanksgiving.

To quote and echo or son, Travis, Daddy to this new baby girl “Drowning in Gratitude !”

The numbers are amazing… if you get the chance to ask Melissa and Travis about their heart journey…There is THE miracle…Beautiful ! We are a blessed Mother and Father to have watched this happen.  We are also beyond thrilled to Proclaim to the world…if our almighty God would do this for Travis and Melissa, He will do it for each and every one of His children…if $$$ is the reason you can not adopt, you have no reason at all to not file that first paperwork today!

3. There are 7 of these wrapped and under the tree waiting for our 6 Treasures to join Aunty Blessing for the sweetest Christmas Celebration. I needed to make Baby Coffee’s tiny as the smallest we could find was 6 months, these are for big brother Kingston and Baby Sissy Coffee. 


4. One ponder my Mamma heart was wasting time on as i thought of leaving for most of December was “What will this mean for Christmas preparation and tradition?”

i didn’t want Blessing and Kaydra to feel lost in the Baby Excitment, i may be gone over the 24th and 25th, i wanted Christmas to be what they have always had. As i have simply allowed life to happen and seized the moment, these two have baked more Christmas Cookies with Aunty/big sissy Kaydra than any house on the block. IMG_7502

Speaking of tradition, that is my easy bake oven from when i was Finny’s age. It has been baking magic up for almost 50 years and still makes my dreams come true.


Pigtail Sprinkles


How many Fish does it take to measure the peanut butter ? Apparently 7 plus an iphone.


Is it any wonder i call Kaydra’s Cody a Fischer?  Who wouldn’t want to claim this man as their own?  Are you kidding me ?? One Of My Favorites !!!


5. Tim ordered this as a surprise for me….he gives me an ornament every year and this is my 2014 bulb. We will add baby girl’s name and Date when we get her home.

Big Brother Kingston named her Coffee Ice Cream Fischer and so it is Coffee we are crazy over for now.


6. A bonus blessing of this season has been watching our other children support and love Travis and Melissa in their call. Some of ours feel called to adoption already, some are pretty sure adoption will never be a part of their journey as a family but all have whole heartedly rallied to encourage and support Travis and Melissa. Beautiful stuff for a Mamma and Daddy to watch.  I often allow Blessing to text with those who love her while we are driving. Thursday evening we were out late, when i woke Friday morning and checked my phone this is what i found.  Sissa is our name for Melissa… i assume “black” was a typo or auto correct. 


And we can not wait for you to bring that baby girl back to Wisconsin Sissa, and introduce her to the oceans of love that have waited , given and prayed for her journey into our family. Off to the lists and suitcases and piles and cleaning and to check my phone for any messages from California !

Thank you friends and family.

There are no words.


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