Meet Pappa



I’m Pappafish (aka Tim Fischer).  I was born the “son of a preacher-man” in 1959 in a small prairie town in North Dakota.  My vocation is Cable TV.  I have been a part of that industry for 33 years.  My passion however is Faith, Family, football and fishing.  Like my amazing wife I am a jack of all trades and master of none.

I have spent many years in leadership roles in an Evangelical Free Church in La Crosse, Wi and much of the joy and pain that I have experienced in my spiritual life is directly related to that service.  I will be writing about that aspect of my life often – and hopefully there will be a few nuggets of wisdom in my rants.

I am also a fan of apologetics.  I feel it is important for people to be able to articulate why they have faith in a certain belief system, whether that is creation vs. evolution, predestination vs. free will, Calvinism vs. Armenian-ism.   It is important that one doesn’t believe something just because it is what was taught to them but can articulate WHY.  I wish I could explain it like this guy – Ravi Zacharias

One thought on “Meet Pappa

  1. Okay, l am finally commenting (leaving a line) on a blog . I really like your style.The whole faith and everyday life thing, and how you put it is inspiring. Thank you


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