Tylor Jerome Fischer~26

Our Tylor is 26 today.  Tylor brings a very calm, quiet joy to our family. He isn’t so much quiet as he is settled.  Tim and i often say “Ty is just happy and his Tiff is just dancing, they make this journey of life look so easy.”

Tylor is a man who is content, everyday holds all the magic he really needs, his little girl’s new word of the day or exploring a new twist to an old hymn is really all the adventure he requires.  Tylor lives in the moment, he treasures the details of now, he appreciates what he has and knows that somehow there will be enough for tomorrow also.

Ty and Tiff recently drove out to our home (13 minutes tops) for an evening walk to our little park.

Tylor-walk-summer-beauty.jpg  //namafish.com

Ty had his camera, he should carry it more often, it is kind-of heavy.

Tylor-walk-summer-beauty.jpg  //namafish.com

A day later Ty Facebooked me a set of images.

Tylor-walk-summer-beauty.jpg  //namafish.com

These images capture exactly how Ty lives his life.

Tylor-walk-summer-beauty.jpg  //namafish.com

 No posing, not a lot of planning, nothing staged or contrived.

Tylor-walk-summer-beauty.jpg  //namafish.com

” Walk to the park with a few of those I treasure and flick the shutter as life is happening.”

Tylor-walk-summer-beauty.jpg  //namafish.com

nama fin





Finding the beauty and magic in the oh so ordinary.  (Finley’s first “Bugle Fingers” and Nama saying “show your mamma.”)

flick the shutter a few times as life is happening

This girl loves her Ble Ble.

flick the shutter a few times as life is happening

And her Pappa

flick the shutter a few times as life is happening

This girl fills our life with everyday sunshine.

pappa clive

That little black fuzz ball up ahead gives Tim + Blessing much joy and me…..we’ll leave that alone.

Thanks Ty for capturing the beauty of our Everyday Extraordinary.

Thanks for being a man who makes seeing the beauty easier for all those around you.

We are very proud of how you live your life and care for your family.

Have an amazing fun filled day, i guess you probably don’t need your mamma to tell you how to do that.

Happy Birthday Tylor Jerome, we love you!

Parker Gregg Fischer~22

june 10, 2014

He was 16 days late, the most adorable baby EVER with those big brown eyes and perfectly round face, he is the only one of our biological children with any of my coloring.  Parker has mamma’s brown eyes, all the other kids + Parker’s hair = all blondies and blue eyes.

Family-parker-brother-birthday.jpg //namafish.com

Parker is the third of three sons. He has spent his entire life proving he knows “something”, and that he is also able to do “that”.  Birth order is amazingly influential.  Scrapping his way to the top of the “Fischer men” heap along with a personality exploding with tenacity provides an ” I can do it”  spirit that shows in all Parker takes on.

Family-parker-brother-birthday.jpg //namafish.com

There was early foreshadowing of the kind and gentle man Parker was created to be.   He is exceptionally considerate and caring towards others. (with little sissy Kaydra)

Family-parker-brother-birthday.jpg //namafish.com

Parker found a beautiful girl and snatched her up before anyone else had a chance.

Family-parker-brother-birthday.jpg //namafish.com

Our Little Timothy, named for Pappa is the most recent blessing that has come to us through the gift of our Parker 22  years ago.

Happy 22nd Birthday Parker Gregg, you are a blessing beyond measure.  We are honored to be called mom and dad by such a man as you.  Your Uncle Greggy would be so proud of  the gentleman who carries his name.  Have an amazing day celebrating the gift of YOU with your sweet bride and baby boy.

Crowning Jewel Raena Marie

january 30, 2014 from nama and pappaIMG_9819Our precious third jewel is one year old today. This picture is one year ago , visiting their little famiy in California. That other cute is our first jewel and big brother Kingston John.

We received a video of her first steps last evening, i think she was trying to get from Los Angeles to Nama and Pappa in Wisconsin for a bit of birthday cake.

Travis and Melissa                                                                                                                                           As though it were just moments ago , i remember one year ago today. Pure miraculous magic. Waiting for and sharing in the joy of the arrival of your little tiny baby girl, Raena Marie. We are blessed beyond words by the two crowning jewels you have blessed us with. Treasure today with your sweet littles , they grow up soooo quickly ! The good news, each year gets better and better !! Happy Birthday our sweet one year old California Girl, Nama and Pappa love you across the country and back a million times.