For Such a Time…

November 15, 2014 by Nama

This is it…baby will arrive ANY DAY !!

There are just a few weeks remaining until baby girl’s due date, but as we all know arriving babies do not tend towards checking calendars and the experts last week suspected she may think she should arrive a bit early. Soooooo……..


This is what happens each time i check the adopt together fund raiser Continue reading

When Tim’s Away

November 11, 2014 by Nama

Trusting my only Big Brother will have the best birthday so far in his 53 years. Happy Birthday Jon, it is an honor to do this thing called life with a man such as you.


We baked our first Christmas Cookies last night, which was 1. Fun, 2.Sad, because it was our Kaydra’s idea and by the time we got around to it she, being a 4:30 am barista, was so exhausted she had no fun. 3. Proof that Blessing and Cody together with utensils and flour are trouble…always!! 4. Pretty much perfect timing since it did This…. Continue reading

This Week

August 21, 2014 by Nama

Blog Business…

Our  computer is locked up, word on the street is that the new daddy is bringing his little family out tonight to give it some attention.  Good news for two reasons, 1. The computer may feel better by tomorrow, 2. Our Finley will be bringing her new little Beau to visit Nama and Pappa’s for the very first time !! Bad news… I am blogging on the ipad, not effective, barely functional …be kind please.

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Adoption and Finances – How much and why?

August 15, 20015 reposted by Nama

A very helpful look at adoption costs by our son Travis.

July 20, 2014Travis Fischer

Written by: Travis

The most difficult part of the adoption journey for me has been thinking about how to fund it. Adoption can be very expensive. Grappling with the reality of “How are we ever going to afford this?” is simply not a lot of fun.

When Melissa and I started to recognize that we were being called to adoption, one of the first questions I started asking was “Will we be able to afford it?”. This is a common question for many who are starting the process of looking into adoption. When your heart is called to adoption, you don’t want anything to stand in the way. For many, funding the adoption is the first and seemingly largest roadblock that they see standing in the way of a beautiful addition to their family.

If you are thinking about adoption and are asking yourself,

“Will we ever be able to afford this?”

I want to encourage you that the answer is probably, “Yes!” Continue reading

Actively Waiting – The Status (and Finances) of Our Adoption by Travis

August 15, 2014 reposted and intro by Nama

i promised you i would post thoughts by our son yesterday, our day took a detour that left me not finding the computer or blog, here is Travis’s heart as they walk the journey of adoption.

We could not be prouder of his honesty and vulnerability.

July 21, 2014Travis Fischer

Written by: Travis

If you have been reading Melissa’s recent posts about the status of our adoption then you know that we are currently in season of learning patience and waiting on God’s timing. We have completed our home study and been officially, finally, totally and legally approved for adoption.


Reacting to some combination of sand, wind and salt water. Not the news about our home study.

Legally we could be matched with a child to adopt tomorrow if the circumstances all lined up. Those words are so crazy for me to even type! Continue reading