The land of misfit toys….how I adored all those little mistakes who felt unloved.

A favorite Christmas movie, a story of finding a place to belong, even in the  truth that you were clearly one of the unwanted.  As I look back I realize I didn’t so much love the misfit toys but as my heart broke for them, I wanted to fix them. Continue reading

Favorite Things

December 1, 2014 by Nama

My heart is full to exploding, i tend to pull inside and savor when all is well and busy and full, i am more apt to ramble when my heart and mind is busy sorting and figuring.  Time will pass and the details of this miracle season in our home will be forgotten. Baby Coffee needs to know how amazing this season has been, our entire family needs to remember the God of this season. We need to share how blessed Nama and Pappa are to be on the outside looking in on His miraculous work of redemption.

On this Monday, here are some of my favorite things from the past weeks: Continue reading

For Such a Time…

November 15, 2014 by Nama

This is it…baby will arrive ANY DAY !!

There are just a few weeks remaining until baby girl’s due date, but as we all know arriving babies do not tend towards checking calendars and the experts last week suspected she may think she should arrive a bit early. Soooooo……..


This is what happens each time i check the adopt together fund raiser Continue reading

Marriage Monday~Contentment, Grace and Forgiveness

August 25, 2014 by Nama

Each day i see a bit more clearly that our marriage is the most important relationship in which I can be working out my Faith.

If my Lord has promised it or he has commanded it there is no more important place for me to practice it than in my relationship with Tim.

Philippians 4 is a favorite passage of mine, what does this passage look like in my marriage? Continue reading

Adoption and Finances – How much and why?

August 15, 20015 reposted by Nama

A very helpful look at adoption costs by our son Travis.

July 20, 2014Travis Fischer

Written by: Travis

The most difficult part of the adoption journey for me has been thinking about how to fund it. Adoption can be very expensive. Grappling with the reality of “How are we ever going to afford this?” is simply not a lot of fun.

When Melissa and I started to recognize that we were being called to adoption, one of the first questions I started asking was “Will we be able to afford it?”. This is a common question for many who are starting the process of looking into adoption. When your heart is called to adoption, you don’t want anything to stand in the way. For many, funding the adoption is the first and seemingly largest roadblock that they see standing in the way of a beautiful addition to their family.

If you are thinking about adoption and are asking yourself,

“Will we ever be able to afford this?”

I want to encourage you that the answer is probably, “Yes!” Continue reading

Even When Things are Hard, HE is Faithful by Melissa

One of our great joys has been watching our oldest son, Travis and his sweet wife Melissa walk their journey into adoption.

Our hearts beat for the miracle of adoption, any adoption is an amazing example of our Loving Father’s redemptive love for each of us.

Few things have had greater impact in the remaking of  Tim and i as children of God than our journey into adoption and the gift of being Mamma and Daddy to our Blessing.

When the adoption journey  is not about  a couple who “need” a baby, but a baby who needs a family, the miracle becomes absolutely breath-taking.

When a couple say, “Here am I, send me!”

and the Lord responds with “If you love my little ones , you have loved me! Will you love one more of my lost lambs?”

That miracle is beyond my understanding, His ways are not our ways, they are so much more !

The miracle is amazing and the journey is daunting.

Travis and Melissa have both shared some very raw parts of their hearts in the past weeks.  It is my honor to share these kids with you my friends.  Tim and i are immeasurably proud of how these two are walking their dependence on their Lord.

Today I give you a peek into Melissa’s Mamma heart.  Tomorrow I will share some amazing stuff our son wrote.  You can follow Travis and Melissa’s journey at The Fischer Family.

August 12, 2014 by Melissa Fischer

Things have been quiet on the blog for the last couple of weeks. Summer adventures and visitors have been keeping us busy. But, if i’m being totally honest, being “busy” is just a convenient excuse. The truth is I’ve been in a bit of a process spiritually and emotionally the last couple of weeks, and as a result, I’ve been avoiding the blog.

After much wrestling with the Lord, I’ve decided it’s time to break my silence and share a bit about what’s been going on in my heart and what I am learning. In short: Even when things are hard, HE is faithful. An obvious truth, I know. But sometimes, even though I “know” things about God, I struggle to feel and completely trust those things and to live in the freedom and assurance they bring to my life.

Let me back up and unpack a bit. Three weeks ago, Travis and I launched our Adopt Together page to ask for help in funding our adoption. Up until that point, we had been pursuing various avenues on our own in order to save the finances we need. Long story short {you can read the long story here} we felt the Lord was asking us to step out in faith and ask our community of friends and family for support. It was not an easy journey to be open to that level of vulnerability, but we knew it was what HE wanted from us, so we took the step. Let me tell you God responded in some amazingly encouraging ways!

The morning we shared our page for the first time, we had the opportunity to meet with a pastor at our church. Pastor Sean and his wife have adopted three times and also have two biological children. We spent a solid hour with Sean, and let me tell you, PLEASE never underestimate the power of the Lord speaking to you through someone else. Sean’s words were unbelievably encouraging, challenging, life-giving, thought-provoking, helpful, and precious to us. We left our meeting feeling completely filled, refreshed, inspired and grateful.

Throughout the rest of the week, we had an AMAZING response to our Adopt Together page. We are completely humbled, and SO grateful for every person that has joined us on our journey. I want to take a minute to publicly thank you all again. You will never know what it means to us. Truly.

Since that week, I have been on a spiritual and emotional roller coaster. Some days it feels easy and normal to just continue living life as a family of four without knowing when we will be able to add the fifth Fischer to our home. On those days, I am able to enjoy living life taking our two on adventures and getting caught up in the normal routine of life.

Other days, however, it feels everything but easy and normal. On those days, my heart aches all the time. It aches to know who our birth mom is, it aches to know who our baby is, it aches to know when we will get to meet them, it aches to move forward in this journey I know the Lord has called us to be on. On those days I feel sad, frustrated and stuck. I feel bitter that something as trivial as money is {seemingly} the only thing that stands between us and giving a child a loving forever home. Bottom line, I feel sick of waiting.

Waiting.is.hard. That’s all there is to it. When you feel ready to move forward with something and the Lord says “not yet” it’s hard and it’s usually not fun.

These last couple of weeks have been a lot of working through the hard, the sad, the frustrating, the confusing, the moments of hopelessness, and {most importantly} the lies I am so tempted to believe.

You see, I have absolutely no trouble believing that God can do ANYTHING. For me, that truth is simple, and I trust it easily. I KNOW God has the power to make it happen. He could make $21,870 show up in the mail or on our Adopt Together page today if that was His will. I know that. Where the hard begins for me is when He decides not to {or at least not immediately} and I am left wondering “why not God”.

Luckily, I serve a God who loves and cares for me through all of my muck and despite my sin and lack of faith. I serve a God who not only allows me but WANTS me to pour out my heart to Him. He wants me to be honest about the hard and the questions. He wants me to come to Him. He wants to know me and be known by me. He wants to teach me in the waiting. I serve a God who continues to show me His faithfulness even when things in life feel hard, impossible, frustrating and sad.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks as I have felt sad and stuck in our adoption process, the Lord has been so sweet to me. He has put someone or something in my life at just the right moments to breathe life and truth into the deepest parts of my soul. He has given me the encouragement I need to pick my head up and continue on. He has ever so gently nurtured my hurting heart in the kindest of ways.

In the dark of night when I’ve been alone with my thoughts, He’s used my husband to speak truth and encouragement to me. When I’ve felt like this adoption is never going to happen, He uses the testimony of His provision for dear friends’ adoptions to remind me the He CAN and He WILL. When I’ve felt alone, He has used the donation of a stranger to remind me that others are there and they care. When I’ve felt sad and frustrated, He has used the wise words of our church pastor to challenge me in truth about my heart and attitude. In each of these situations, He knew exactly what I needed, and He was faithful to give it to me.

So, as I wait to see how our adoption process will continue to unfold, I am encouraged because I know the one who is sovereignly in control of it all, and HE is faithful. His plans are better than mine. His timing is better than mine. He already knows who our baby and birth mama are. He has chosen them. The money will be there when we absolutely need it. He has worked out every detail. And I am so grateful to be surrendered to the plans of the omniscient, omnipotent, sovereign God who loves and cares for me.

All I have to do is sit back and wait.

One last thing: If you want to be encouraged big time, please listen to our pastor, Tim Chaddick, speak about what it means to be surrendered to God. This message rocked my world. You can find the message here.

Love and Respect

marriage-commitment-communication-fight-challenges-love-forever.jpg //namafish.comAugust 11, 2014 by Nama

If i need to know i am loved and cherished to thrive in our marriage, my man needs to know and feel he is respected.

There is a great book that talks about the need of a women to know she is loved and the need of a man to know he is respected.  These needs run deeply in each of us, so much so that this author uses the analogy of a hose providing our means of survival being pinched shut when we choose to withhold respect from our men.  This may be the area i have most miserably failed in our 33+ years of  Happily Ever after.  My natural bent is not towards a quiet and gentle spirit, nor do i easily consider my opinion as having little value to this world.  i think the best way for me to share what this respect looks like is to share some ways i have fallen short in respecting my man.

1. Be Nice.  Stinkin, be nice!  Much of our marriage i have functioned in a “witchy” state of mind.  Without getting all psycho as to why or how this has come to be i will just say, We wife’s need to be nice!   Treat your man as kind and considerate as you treat the dentist who is about to extract a tooth.  You don’t have to ‘feel” kind to be kind.  If i am in a “mood” Tim is bound to be the one i blame and Tim is going to get my wrath regardless of how uninvolved he is in the issue of angst.

2. Be Really Nice.  Be Stinkin Nice!  If there is one place and person you need to invest all of your very best, it is in your man.  Don’t withhold kindness, being cautious and guarded.  Compliment him on at least one great thing he does today.  “Thank you so much for getting up and going to work to put a roof over our heads today!”  would be a great place to start. Go out of your way and comfort zone to make coming home to you and your home his favorite part of the day.

3.  Tone of voice.  You all know we can say “Why did you choose to put your shoes over there?”  In a way that clearly and loudly communicates respect and honor; in a way that says “We are on the same team.”  You can say those exact same words in a way that questions intelligence, implies disapproval and erodes the foundation of respect your marriage needs to be built on.  There is nothing that needs to be said with a condescending, judging and doubting tone.  Don’t do it girls, you are shooting yourself in the foot or perhaps more accurately in the heart.  A man who hears disapproval and lack of respect will quickly learn how to avoid the bearer of those messages, if you want your man to pursue cherishing you… you better commit to communicating deep respect for him.  i speak from painful experience here.  Sassy is my forte’.  It is not good ladies, not good!!

This is just a start my girls, but it is enough to start!

This weekend i had the joy of visiting with my mamma and little sister.  Between the three of us we have a lot of years of marriage stacked up.  We have a divorce or two, we have a lot of tears and heartache and doubting and questioning but when it was all shuffled through and sorted out between the donuts and fresh brewed Keurig, we all agreed…we have to respect our men, we have to read and seek help if the path seems unclear. Some days we need to be reminded that the covenant we made to forever was not a vow to happiness, or easy or i feel “in love” , it was a covenant to a Holy God who has promised he will lead the way and He will provide the Grace if we will trust and obey.  There is little that is sweeter than to hear my 70 something mom ache to pass along these truths to her grandbabies as they are making their own lifetime commitments to forever.

No one ever promised anyone a rose garden with no thorns, but we are promised beauty from ashes and eternal joy if we are willing to commit to the sweet with the thorns, Forever.

Determine to respect your man today…be intentional, be generous, be the girl who fell in love with him and find something in him you know he needs to hear you value, then tell him!



The Holy Process of Waiting

July 24, 2014 by Nama

He cannot gather the fruit till it is ripe. He knows when we are spiritually ready to receive the blessing to our profit and His glory. Waiting in the sunshine of His love is what will ripen the soul for His blessing. Waiting under the cloud of trial, that breaks in showers of blessings, is as needful.

Be assured that if God waits longer than you could wish, it is only to make the blessing doubly precious.  

For this reason the Lord is ready to show you mercy; he sits on his throne, ready to have compassion on you. Indeed, the Lord is a just God; all who wait for him in faith will be blessed.—Isa 30:18

 From Streams in the Desert, July 22, read the entire meditation  Here .

Three who are very dear to us woke this morning waiting.   Continue reading